Organic flower bulbs

Flowers and plants make you feel good; in the garden, on the balcony or just in the vase. We at BIOBOL believe that plants or flowers of organic origin give an even better feeling. Our specialty is growing organic flower bulbs, from which the most beautiful flowers come. 

You can be assured that the cultivation of these bulbs has been good for the soil, for the insects such as bees and butterflies, for the birds, for the water in the ditches and for the people who have done the work.
In short, These bulbs produce flowers which make you feel good.

On the website of Huiberts Biologische Bloembollen you will find a lot of information about how organic bulbs are grown and the meaning of organic bulb cultivation for nature.

Click on the following LINK to watch a video in which John Huiberts explains how organic farming has changed the soil and biodiversity.

Growing bulbs like this is not easy, and we are proud to offer a large assortment. Here’s our supply list.