About Biobol

Biobol is the association of organic bulb growers. All members are Skal certified, and some members even have additional certificates such as those of Demeter or Biosuisse. 

Because we have different soil types together, we can offer a wide range of organic bulbs. We also strengthen each other in the field of cultivation, assortment and market knowledge. Together we now grow (in 2023) 67 hectares.
However, we each act for themselves, and refer to a colleague if this is necessary to be able to offer customers a full range. 

If you are interested in producing organic bulbs or bulb flowers, go and have a look at one of the growers who already does this, and contact a board member. Then we can look together at which strains and cultivars best suit your business. To orientate yourself on technical aspects, you can take a look at the bio kenniswebsite.
And the Organic Cultivation section of the KAVB website.

Where can you buy organic flower bulbs?

If you are interested in planting organic bulbs in the garden or on the balcony, we advise you to first take a look at one of the excellent webshops. You can find them under the link 'Webshops'. Sometimes garden centres and supermarkets also have a range of organic bulbs, and we would like to refer you to that.

Gardeners, municipalities and owners or managers of large gardens, gardens, picking gardens, children's and care farms and anyone who needs larger quantities of bulbs for garden planting, can best look at our customers who are already equipped for the services for this segment. You will find them under the links to customers.
You can also contact us directly; this is especially important if you want to make a planting plan long in advance. Then we can make sure that we have the bulbs available when you need them. 

If you are interested in selling packaged organic bulbs, first look at the websites of the companies that purchase them from the growers, under the menu 'Links to customers'. In some cases, we can also pack them for you ourselves. If you are looking for a long-term relationship for larger quantities, please contact us directly, because then we can take your wishes into account in our plant plan.