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EKO-Flora has been growing organic tulips, crocuses and alliums for more than 10 years. With a diverse range, they have a nice palette of colors and will expand the organic market further in the coming years. They provide consumers with beautiful bunches of organic tulips and dry bulbs to brighten up the garden. They only deliver to wholesalers.
For more information about availability, call 06-53928577 or mail to ekofloraoostwoud@gmail.com.

Ecobulbs 't Turning Point

Since 2001, various types of tulips, crocus and winter aconies have been produced organically behind the stolpboerderij 't Keerpunt from 1740 in Benningbroek in North Holland. Annelies Timmerman is involved in the sale and shipping to companies and individuals throughout Europe. Son Koen is the cultivation.
We also supply flower bulbs from our organic colleagues from the Biobol group, so that we can offer a very wide range of flower bulbs.
For online orders please visit www.ecobulbs.nl, for further information you can contact us by e-mail at annelies@ecobulbs.nl, or by telephone on +31 (0) 651219915.

Huiberts Organic Flower Bulbs

In February 2013 we started a more sustainable flower bulb cultivation in our company.

It had become clear to us in recent years that not all diseases and pests can be combated by chemical means. Illnesses kept popping up. It was time for a different view of bulb cultivation.

It started with a soil biology course. This made it clear to us that there is a better way to healthy quality products. Working with nature instead of fighting nature.

We have made the step from sustainable to organic cultivation. We are certified by Skal and now grow organic flower bulbs.
For more information about our company, you can visit our webshop: https://biologischebloembollen.nl/ or our website https://huibertsbloembollen.nl/ .
Or email john@huibertsbloembollen.nl


The Triangle Akersloot

Organic floriculture company de Driehoek has existed since 1996. We grow tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, ornamental onions, blue and white grapes, crocus and a whole range of special bulbous crops. As summer bloomers we grow gladioli, freesias, callas and lilies. Furthermore perennials such as gypsophila and convallaria.

Without plant protection products and without artificial fertilizers, we try to grow as healthy as possible. Fertilization by .m the use of organic fertilizers and green compost. Due to a large crop rotation scheme, the use of green fertilizers and sometimes the flooding of land, we keep the soil in optimal condition.

Our company grows under conditions of the Skal and Biosuisse certificate.

Our products mainly go to Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.


'We are Jochem and Peter and together with our team of passionate employees grow organic tulip bulbs. We deliver these tulip bulbs directly to our customers for a fair price.

Whether you are a trader or wholesaler, want to brighten up your neighborhood together with your neighbors, have a (picking) garden, are a (green) gardener, cook, intermediary, work for the municipality or province, or if you are just very enthusiastic about organically grown flower bulbs, take a look at our website www.tulipsgreen.nl

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know! We like to think along with you, are open to feedback and are happy with positive messages'